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Bring your document to life with Type Express.

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A beautiful rich text editor that lets you add shapes, charts, drawings and much more to your document.

Key features


Bring your data to life with a range of colourful multi-series charts. No third-party software necessary.


Integrations let you insert royalty-free photos and icons, save your document to your Dropbox account, and more.

Shapes & Drawings

Put your artistic skills to the test and design your own shapes and drawings.


Perfect your document with a built-in dictionary, translator, spellchecker and text-to-speech in multiple languages.

What's new?

  • Major UI/UX upgrade with performance enhancements

  • Create advanced charts with the improved chart editor

  • Built-in translator supporting 18 languages

  • Connect your Dropbox account to the app

Upcoming features

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Windows 10 or later, 64-bit

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Latest version: v6.1.0


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